Kelase.Com, Free Private Social Network and Online Classroom for Your Educational Institution


Internet users must be familiar with social networking services like Facebook which is so famous. Within Facebook, you can connect with friends, familiy and unknown people from all over the world. Kelase (from Javanese, which means “class”) has the primary function similar to Facebook, which is equally as social networking. The difference is, Kelase reserved for educational institutions, meaning that Kelase can only be accessed by members of the educational institutions itself (educators / teachers, parents and students). Services like this are usually called as a private social network (private social network).

With Kelase, your educational institution (schools, colleges, and non-formal education institutions) can have its own Facebook. School members can easily communicate using a computer/laptop, smartphone or tablet because Kelase specifically designed for mobile use. Kelase very safe for the children because it is private, where they will only communicate with members of the school, not with strangers as is commonly done with common and open social networking services.


Addition to functioning as a social network, Kelase also provide online classes or virtual classroom like the Learning Management System (LMS) in general. Educators can easily share learning resources, create a collaborative learning activity, giving assignments, perform exams and tests, as well as develop communication skills through discussion forums and chat room. In addition, Kelase also provide reporting features that will facilitate teachers and parents monitoring the learning progress and student’s learning outcomes.

Because of the focus on “learning”, Kelase also equip themselves with LessonPlanner feature, which help educators in designing and developing learning activities, as well as TaxonomyToolbox features that can assist educators in developing learning objectives. Educators will also be facilitated by the test/exam result analysis features, which can directly analyze the degree of difficulties from the stundent’s answer, so teachers can quickly determine the treatment and follow-up for students.

To make the students feel at ease in learning, Kelase provides gamification features like Badges. Educators can easily give awards to students who excel in the classroom with a variety of default Badges which provided by Kelase. Educators also able to use their own design if they feel not satisfied with the default badges were provided. This badge will spur the spirit of the students to perform well. They will compete, in a fun way. Community features are also available in Kelase, which allows members to create a group as their own peer community according to interest or a specific theme.

With Kelase, educational institutions can easily have the online classroom and private social networks without having a headache thinking about how to manage the server (including the recurring cost). Kelase can also be used as an educational institution website with ease, with a custom domain (eg: Kelase is free forever, and only pay for certain features.

Kelase is developed by Edukasi101 a startup company from Indonesia and will be available in July 2013 for its web version, whereas the version of Android and other platforms will available soon. If you are interested in trying Kelase for your educational institutions, please visit the Kelase website HERE and register your email address to get the latest news on the launch date and limited trial.

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2 thoughts on “Kelase.Com, Free Private Social Network and Online Classroom for Your Educational Institution

  1. tikaetika April 24, 2013 pukul 4:33 pm Reply

    waiting for the releasing 🙂

    • gora April 24, 2013 pukul 7:07 pm Reply

      Stay tune!

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